The Mathematics learning area content is taught through a number of programs and learning experiences.

Basic Facts

Basic Facts is a mental maths program run from Year 1-6 at Creaney.  This program builds student fluency and automaticity in number in a fun and engaging “beat the clock” style. 

Each level targets a different concept within the number strand of the Western Australian Curriculum.  Students aim to improve their score and are able to move through the levels when they consistently achieve their target score.

Stepping Stones

ORIGO Stepping Stones is an award winning mathematics program developed by specialists for primary schools and based on current research and trends. ORIGO believes that students with strong thinking, problem solving and communication skills become productive, innovative members of society.

The Stepping Stones program is delivered through online content and interactive hands-on learning.

Young students have a natural love for stories and for learning.  ORIGO Big Books build on this enthusiasm to introduce key mathematical concepts. These engaging large-format maths story books develop and reinforce mathematical language and understanding by stimulating discussion on specific concepts from the West Australian Curriculum.



Mathletics is a captivating on-line learning space providing students with all the tools they need to be successful learners, both in the classroom and beyond. Students have access to a full set of activities aligned to the West Australian Curriculum, backed up by interactive tutorials and print-based materials. The cornerstone to Mathletics’ success is its ability to engage students.  Games and apps in the Play Area target mathematics fluency, including the famous “Live Mathletics” where students are able to log on from home and compete against players all over the world.