NQS Verification

The National Quality Standard (NQS) sets a national benchmark for high quality early years education across Australia and establishes a set of standards that all schools are expected to meet.  It is incumbent upon schools to demonstrate how they are meeting the NQS in all classrooms from Kindergarten through to Year 2 

An internal audit is conducted annually and verification visits organised and conducted through the Office of Early Childhood Development and Learning.  During the verification process, verifiers meet with the school’s administration and early years staff to discuss determinations made against the NQS and spend time interviewing students and visiting K-2 classrooms.  Following the verification visit, the school receives a report noting whether quality areas have been ‘met’ or  ‘working towards’.

In 2016, Creaney Primary school requested a verification visit and received an NQS verification report as follows:

QA 1 Educational program and practice (working towards)

QA 2 Children’s health and safety (meeting)

QA 3 Physical environment (meeting)

QA 4 Staffing arrangements (working towards)

QA 5 Relationships with children (meeting)

QA 6 Collaborative partnerships with families and communities (meeting)

QA 7 Leadership and service management (meeting)


For more information about the National Quality Standard, please follow the link below: