The school has made major investments in improving the ICT structure at Creaney in the last few years. We have purchased block sets of iPads, which means classes get to use whole sets of iPads through a timetabled schedule, as well as, using a distributed method so classes get to use iPads every day with a variety of apps to target student learning.

Creaney has upgraded its vast wireless networks allowing the use of wireless devices anywhere on the school grounds.

In 2016 Creaney upgraded six Interactive Whiteboards to the brand new, cutting edge technology, Promethean Panel. The ActivPanel is a fully connected interactive display that provides tablet-like functionality for the classroom. Teachers and students can interact with content, simultaneously write and draw, and connect mobile devices to mirror content and collaborate. Teachers can wirelessly share their lessons, easily access content, and download and use their favourite apps.
See more at: https://www.prometheanworld.com/au/products/interactive-flat-panels/activpanel#sthash.dcHSVfwE.dpuf

Digital Technologies
Digital Technology at Creaney encompasses the development and the support of new ways to collaborate and communicate, and require new skills such as computational and systems thinking. Technologies are an essential problem-solving toolset in our knowledge-based society.

This is created by developing digital portfolios, problem solving skills, robots, coding and programming, emails, photography, building apps and many other engaging and creative ways.

Code Cracking
Students in Year 6 ran a ‘code cracking’ workshop with a select few students from Junior Primary, teaching them how to use our coding programmes and basic iPad skills. The students had an amazing time and due to the interest shown we have created a ‘coding club’ which will go ahead each Friday.  We will choose students on a rotational basis to come along to the sessions and try their skills out in coding.