Independent Public School Governance

As an Independent Public School, Creaney is required to have an effective School Board that includes parents, community and or business/ industry representation.

The Principal is responsible for the educational leadership, operation and management of the school. To maximise the input of the School Board in developing policies, the Principal will seek advice and receive recommendations from the School Board.  To enable the School Board to function effectively, the Principal will report regularly to the School Board on progress against the Creaney Primary School Business Plan.

The Education Act and regulations pertaining to the Act which applies to the current School Council will govern the running of the School Board.


Functions of the Board

The Creaney Primary School Board will act to promote the objectives and interests of the school community, its role being to provide strategic guidance and monitoring.

The School Board will participate fully in:

  • Endorsing the Creaney Primary School Delivery and Performance
  • Endorsing and reviewing the school budget and Business Plan.
  • Monitoring the school’s performance.
  • Developing processes to review the satisfaction levels of parents, staff and students, with results reported in the annual school report.
  • Endorsing the annual school report.
  • Assisting in the selection of the Principal when a vacancy arises.

Creaney Primary School Board is comprised of representatives, parents and staff.

Parent Representatives:                                                                 
Louise Payne Zindell (Co-Chairperson)
Tricia Dewar (Co-Chairperson)
Shelley Laver (P&C Representative)
Revana Boodhraj (Parent)
Katherine Thorley (Parent)
Jenny Prior (Parent)
Jacqueline Young (Parent)
Tristan Bell (Parent)

Staff Representatives:
Ms Monamy (Principal)

Mrs Barker (Teacher)
Mr Dowding (Teacher)
Mrs Palmer (Teacher)
Mr Luck (Teacher)

Community Representative:
Jessica Stojkovksi (MLA Member for Kingsley)

Our School Board has developed and endorsed a Communication and Marketing strategy to guide interactions within the Creaney PS Community.

School Board News

Introducing our School Board Chairs; Tricia Dewar

I am a community member of the Board following on from being a parent member. My two children are now at Woodvale Secondary College.

My association with Creaney Primary goes back many years as my nephews, who are now in their 30s, also attended! I have worked for the State public service for 40 years mostly in roles that deliver services or develop policies. My current area of work is in disability services and I have a keen interest in ensuing education is accessible and inclusive, which I believe Creaney Primary is also very committed to.

My photo is from a trip from Japan in 2015 with my two children. We met up with two of the Japanese students we hosted through an exchange program that partnered with Woodvale and Creaney schools. Experiencing other cultures also supports inclusion which is critical in a culturally diverse community.

My other areas of interest are communication and developing leadership in everyone. I’m excited to be co-chairing with Louise in my final year on the Board. I’m not often at school these days due to full time work so if you’d like to contact me please call or email (0400 567 840 or

Introducing one of our School Board Chairs; Louise Payne-Zindell

Louise has been a member of Creaney’s School Board for the past 2 years, and feels honoured to be co-chairing the Board in 2018. She is excited about the new vision the members of the Board are developing for this year. The Zindell family joined Creaney in 2014, with a son now starting in his first year at Woodvale College, and a daughter in Year 3.

Louise joined the Board in order to learn how she could support Creaney in bringing out the best in every one of its students. She applies a broad range of work experience to the role including physical and mental health, project management, leadership development, community programs, funding applications and corporate governance.


Introducing one of our school board members; Katherine Thorley

I have been a parent at Creaney for over 4 years. My daughters, Chloe and Emma are in Year 3 and Pre-Primary this year. This is my first year on the school board and I have been a member of the P & C for 2 years. I have been a Primary School teacher for 12 years and have taught in both public and private schools. I am looking forward to being an active member of the Creaney School Board and contributing in any way I can.