Director                                            Melaine Legg                
Vice Director                                    Natalie Pratt
Secretary                                         Cindy van Zyl
Fundraising Coordinator                  Ben Ferguson, Shannon Laws
Fundraising Treasurer                     Nicole Richardson

The Executive Committee is part of the P&C Association.  All positions of P&C become vacant each year and new office bearers are elected each Annual General Meeting of the P&C. Anyone may nominate for any position on the Executive Committee or any of the other Committees.

If you are interested in becoming a committee member or being part of the activities that a committee is responsible for, please contact the coordinator of the committee of any of the Executive Committee.

The P&C Committee is a separate body to the School but is responsible to WACSSO (the state body of P&Cs).  The P&C is required to act to support the school to provide better educational outcomes for students of the school.  This can only be achieved through cooperation and coordination with the administration of the school, in particular the Principal.  The Principal usually attends each P&C meeting and provides a report.  The P&C meets every term at the school in weeks 4 and 8 at 7:30pm.