The Chaplain at Creaney Primary School is involved at multiple levels of the school community, to provide support and pastoral care to students, staff, and families. Currently this has the Chaplain involved in facilitating the BUZ program: a program which promotes creating Build Up Zones in each classroom, teaching children how to handle their feelings, conflicts, and bullying. Additionally to this, there is a BUZ program which enables a select group of Year 6 students to be playground ;leaders and peer mediators.

The second major activity of the Chaplain is offering support individually to students. The Chaplain meets with students who have been referred by the student themselves, their parent, or a staff member, to discuss issues such as family relationships, peer relationships, mental health, grief, and behaviour management.

Mrs Diane Norris

The Chaplain is also involved in supporting any major events within the school, such as swimming lessons, school carnivals and sport days, Year 6 camp and the dinner dance. 

Anyone who wishes to speak with the Chaplain can request an appointment through the school office, or face to face with the Chaplain.