At Creaney Primary School, student wellbeing and the prevention of inappropriate behaviour is managed through a focus on early intervention and prevention and managed in ways that promote restorative practices.

Student behaviour is not viewed in isolation but as part of an interaction between the student, staff and the school community.  Strong parental participation and support is necessary.

One of the aims of Creaney Primary School’s behaviour management process is to encourage children’s involvement throughout the process and to enable the development of self-regulation and reflective skills for increased resiliency.

Each classroom uses the same behaviour management traffic lights or Reflective Behaviours system that allows the children to self-regulate and reflect on their behaviour. Please remember, we are not focusing on the child as such but the behaviour that is demonstrated.

The process involves the children working together as a class as follows:

  • At the beginning of the year, teachers develop classroom expectations and agreements with students. These are referred to throughout the year for positive reinforcement and to remind children of agreed ways to behave.

Green = Do (positive behaviour)

Orange = Think (warning due to inappropriate behaviour)

Red = Stop (severe clause due to serious misbehaviour)

  • Reflection/class meetings and reflection circles are held regularly. These  take the form of positive reinforcement of class agreements, discussions of general classroom issues and explicit teaching to develop positive social skills and self-regulation
  • Children’s names are placed on the green section of a ‘traffic light’ poster.  A breech of the agreed behaviours may result in the child being given a warning and the child’s name being placed on Orange
  • Continued breech of agreed behaviours will result in the child’s name being placed on red and 10 minutes’ Buddy Class time out. The child will be required to complete a reflection sheet. Parents will be contacted and asked to sign the notification sheet and return it to school the following day
  • Continued misbehaviour of a child on red may see the child being sent to the office for counselling. Parents will be notified at this stage
  • Serious breaches of behaviour, severe or offensive behaviours may result in the child moving straight to Red.  Students will complete a reflection sheet in a buddy class and parents will be notified.  The student goes back to green the next day
  • On the third Red light, a student will spend time in the office for counselling.  Parents will be notified at this stage and may be asked to meet with Administration to discuss their child’s behaviour and assist in creating a Behaviour Modification Plan
  • At the end of each day, students record which light they finished on.  Any student on Orange or Red during the day miss Reward Play the next Friday