The Library is a wonderful learning space for the whole school community to enjoy.  It is open most lunchtimes, Wednesday to Friday for students to hang out either with a book, friends or to play a game.  All classes visit the Library at a regular time-slot during the week to borrow books and read stories with their teacher.  Students may borrow up to two books per week depending on their year level, and these can be returned to the Library any time before and after school, by posting in the returns box.  

Each year, the school hosts an annual Book Fair which coincides with Book Week events.

The Scholastic Book Club is run throughout the year, with parents volunteering their time to assist with the ordering and distribution of brochures and books.  The school receives credits for all purchases, enabling the Library Officer, Mrs Sutton, to purchase more books for the school.

The most exciting event of the year is always Library by Lamplight where Year 6 students host a ‘read-a-thon’ for Year 1 and 2 students.  All participants arrive in their pyjamas, carrying their teddy bears and make their way into the darkened, lamplight and decorated Library.  The senior students take turns to read stories to the juniors, rotating through all students.  This event is part of the tradition at Creaney Primary School and is always one of the favourites.