Creaney Primary School has long been committed to developing leadership skills in all its students, encouraging and supporting each student to realise their individual potential. We do this through a variety of school programs and activities. Building on this good work, we are excited to introduce our new program – ‘Creaney’s Little Leaders’. This program is unique and exciting for two very important reasons.

  1. The program was designed in consultation with some of our students from years 4, 5 and 6 under the guidance of staff and School Board members. These students defined the six leadership qualities which make up the program, and also named the program itself.  Representatives from this group of leaders helped to launch the new program at last Friday’s Muster – showing the rest of the school how the program works, and introducing the highlight value for the coming days – ‘INSPIRE’. In future, our students will monitor and evaluate the impact of the program, and assist in further developing it across the school . New students will join the Little Leaders Steering Committee as year 6 students move on to high school, taking their newly developed leadership skills with them.

2. This new program includes everyone. Not only does it include students from Kindergarten to                Year  6, it focuses on leadership skills that can be found in every

The Little Leaders Program is about leadership traits that are valued by our students, and they told us why it was important to them.

Every student will have an opportunity to wear the ‘Little Leaders’ badge, and to look for behaviours that exemplify these leadership traits, in class and on the playground.  Students demonstrating these traits will be acknowledged with Class Dojo points and school announcements.

The discussions the students have in class with their teachers, and parents support the program by discussing this leadership quality with children, and help them to understand what inspiring behaviour looks like – in both others and themselves. If you have any questions about the program, please discuss with your child’s teacher.

A very big thank you to all the Creaney students that helped to create the Little Leaders Program: Isabella N, Sarah C, Joel D, Xavier J, Isabella M, Ella M, Joseph S, Ethan M, Myles C, Mitchell M, Zade M, Ava G, Rohan W, Macgregor Z, Bailey P, Jessica H, Tyler E and Ollie C.