Welcome to Creaney Primary School

An Independent Public School

A dedicated team of teaching, leadership and school support staff work toward achieving the shared core values and the school vision.  The strong partnership we have with our parents and school ensures that we all work together to build and maintain a safe and secure learning environment that provides the opportunities for our students to learn and to be successful.

Our priority is to provide a balanced curriculum that caters for a student’s academic, physical, and social and emotional needs.  This means developing the required knowledge, skills and values through targeted literacy and numeracy programs, as well as through technology, science, social science, specialist and pastoral care programs.  We aim to provide the necessary building blocks for our students to reach their potential, to become good citizens and to make a valuable contribution to society.

Each person in our school is important to us and we encourage the development of self respect and the acceptance and respect of others. We believe teachers have the right to teach, students have the right to learn and classroom and playground rules exist to protect these rights and ensure the safety of everyone in our school. Respecting yourself and others is an important value for our school community.

Caring’ is our school motto and this is the foundation for creating a school culture that is driven by Community, Achievement, Respect and Excellence.

Ms Rachel Monamy